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My Personal Webpage 1

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Customize a personal online profile by adding graphics, customizing text, and improving the look of a web page using Cascading Style Sheets, the formatting language of the web. Share your finished project on GitHub, a website used by teams of programmers to share and work on programming code.

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2Mobile-first Responsive Layout

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Designing web pages that look and function well on multiple screen sizes is an essential skill for a web developer. Using HTML, CSS, and responsive design, you'll create a mobile-first web page with a layout that adjusts to fit mobile phones, tablets, and desktop displays.

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An Online Registration Form 3

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Web forms appear everywhere online: forms allow users to order books, sign up for websites, and post to Facebook. This project challenges you to build a responsive, mobile-first registration form using a variety of HTML form elements.

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4Web Style Guide

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Sass is an important tool in a modern Front End Web Developer’s toolbox. It's used by many developers to make styling web pages with CSS easier and faster. Create a style guide that can act as your own personal and custom Bootstrap that you can drop into any of your projects to speed up styling, layout and development in general..

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Interactive Photo Guide5

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Interactive image galleries are a common feature of many websites, from photo sites to e-commerce applications. Use HTML, CSS and the popular programming language JavaScript to create an interactive, searchable gallery of photos.

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6Game Show App

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Create a browser version of “Wheel of Success”, a word guessing game. You’ll use Javascript to come up with a random phrase that players will try to guess by entering different letters into the program.

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Web App Dashboard7

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Build an interactive dashboard for a web application using advanced web techniques including SVG graphics and JavaScript programming. The project involves creating tables, charts, graphics and other user interface components in a manner that promotes interactivity and usability.

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8Use an API to Create an Employee Directory

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Many sites — Twitter, Facebook, IMDB, and Wikipedia to name a few — offer a vast sea of data that you can access and display on your own web pages. Using JavaScript, you’ll create an employee directory by communicating with a third-party API (Application Programming Interface).

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Frederick Bruce is a self-taught front end web developer based in Ware, MA. Before starting the TechDegree Program at TreeHouse, Frederick worked at Gamestop as an Assistant Manager for 3 years. After losing his job during the Covid-19 pandemic, Frederick found the time to pursue a career in Web Development.

Freddy enjoys building computers and playing video games in his spare time.

Certification: Front End Web Development


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Sass
  • jQuery

Dev Tools

  • Visual Studio Code
  • GitHub


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